BAOHZ Baby 1080P Safety Car Seat Mirror Camera 4.3'' HD Night Vision to Observe The Baby's Move

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Safety & durability: 1080p baby camera for car wireless Unlike other car seat mirrors, our baby car monitor can be placed on the center console of the car to provide a clear view for your baby, so our parents can feel safe.

Night Vision Function: baby car backseat camera Lens facing the baby, with night vision function, make the car camera baby monitor display more clear and bright. Even when driving at night, you can clearly see the statue of the child in the back seat to help you eliminate insecurity and worry.

Easy to use: without any assemble requirement, the cameral of the rearview camera for rear facing car seat easily straps to your moveable headrest. plug the power cord to the cigarette lighter, install the lcd car baby camera with night vision, then it will work. the icd monitor will automatically turn on and switch to the baby back seat.

Up and down adjustable angle: after tightening your car baby camera vertical and horizontal straps to your headrest, the camera with monitor in the rear seat can adjust up and down angles according to your car model and the size of the car safety seat, it allows you to keep your lovely baby in sight and look good after him or her all the time.

Stable & vibration-free driving: Baby Car Camera with special design, Car Baby Monitor Lens is superior to other Car Mirror in that it does not vibrate, shake or move while driving, Baby car camera for backseat it will maintain a stable, safe, fun, and stress-free traveling all the time for you and your newborn baby.






Compatible Devices:


Vehicle Service Type:


Installation Type:

Center console surface

Display Type:


Video Capture Resolution:


Screen Size:

4.3'' Inches

Item Weight:

‎1.23 Pounds

Item Dimension:

5.04 x 4.25 x 3.94 inches


baby car camera

BAOHZ Baby Car Monitor - The best gift for baby's birthday party, the best Baby Camera Monitor assistant when driving out with baby

Baby Monitor for Car Backseat is completely different from a Car rearview Mirror. Baby Monitor screen is placed in the center console of the car. Without having to look back, Car Video Monitor for Baby you can observe to see your child's movements in the back seat. This improves driving safety and our parents can feel safe

baby car camera 1080P

Baby Camera Monitor for Car 1080P Features :

  • 1080P 4.3" baby car rear view mirror camera is the perfect guarding assistant for every trip you take, and it's easier to drive with your baby.
  • The baby car camera can be adjusted 60 degrees up and down, left and right, and you can see your child accurately after fixing.
  • Baby Camera Monitor for car the night vision function allows you to see your child clearly even in low light conditions without having to turn on the lights in the car.
  • Camera for Car Baby Monitor it effectively improves the safety index of the vehicle and makes it easy to check the status of your baby. Real-time driving, no need to turn around.
  • Car Baby Monitor with Camera No assembly, no tools, can be installed in seconds. Suitable for all kinds of car models.


baby camera for car

Easy Installation Baby Monitor for Car Backseat Camera

Our Baby Car Camera includes: one Baby Car Monitor, one Back Seat Camera, two bandages, one rear pull cord, one power cord, and one anti-slip mat (if you want to fix our stroller in one place, you can use tape to fix it).

Baby Car Camera detailed installation steps.

After receiving the Car Baby Monitor with Camera, checking the package, including all the things I mentioned above, we can start the installation.

1: Please install the baby car camera and tie it to the car seat headrest, facing the infant seat.

2: Plug in our cigarette lighter with the on/off light on red.

3: Remove our baby car monitor and place it where you can see the baby better. Secure the stroller camera with two self-adhesive strips.

4: Take out our power cord. (The red interface connects to our monitor, the black interface connects to our camera, to prevent customers from connecting the wrong interface to the baby monitor and camera, you can remember a formula: red interface connects to red, black interface connects to black.)

5: After all the power is connected, you can adjust the angle of our baby car camera to the angle you most want to see. You can see your baby at any time, and you don't have to look back at your baby when driving. Our baby car camera also has a night vision function.

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