Beer Shotgun Shell

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Solid Shotgun Shells. What you see is what you get. What more do you need? All-American beer shotgunning greatness in your hands right here.

The Shotgun Shell is a game-changer made for a legendary beer drinking experience. The hole comes out the perfect size with no rough edges. Load and unload cans in fast progression. A shotgun beer like a pro-- it's just the best damn beer shotgun tool ever made. 

User Guide:

Step 1 SLIDE While on a flat surface, slide your beer into the Shotgun Shell, with the tab facing down.

Step 2 PRESS Use your thumb to fully depress the button into the can. The other hand must hold the can firmly in place. If not, the can could shift and the hole won't be the right size.

Step 3 POP Rock to pop the lever out of the can. Step 4 CHUG Hold the can upright, crack the tab, and chug your way to freedom!

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