Plott Carta Smart Bluetooth Digital Measuring Wheel

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Plott Carta Smart Bluetooth Digital Measuring Wheel

Product Description:

Digitally measure distances, areas, and perimeters with the Carta Smart Bluetooth Digital Measuring Wheel from Plott. Ideal for road construction, landscaping, building, and more, the Carta works in conjunction with the Plott app to measure distances. Simply walk the wheel and save your project in the app. If you're measuring an area, the app will automatically calculate and measure the perimeter and area. As you roll the Carta, you can tap to mark points of interest, add notes, and more. You can even overlay your measurements on a 2D map or satellite image for better context.

Key Features
  • Measure Distance, Perimeters & Area
  • Overlay on 2D Maps or Satellite Images
  • Mark Points of Interest
  • Guided Navigation to Specific Points
  • Add Notes, Images & Video
  • Share Plott Files for Collaboration
  • Works with Plott App via Bluetooth
  • 12" Measuring Wheel
  • Telescoping & Locking Shaft
  • Built-In Phone Holder & Kickstand

Guide Mode

With a known starting point, the app can navigate you to specific points along the path.

Additional Features

  • Accurately estimate material usage
  • Add images and video to a project
  • 12" measuring wheel
  • Telescoping and locking shaft
  • Built-in mobile phone holder near the handle
  • Built-in kickstand
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