JamStack Attachable Guitar Amplifier

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The world's first attachable guitar amplifier! Get inspired, anywhere, anytime. Portable and lightweight. Professional sound.


Jamstack, the revolutionary portable guitar amp, attaches to the base of any standard electric guitar. This means you're up and running in seconds, and aren't bound by cables or power outlets. You won't believe the sound quality, volume, and rich tones it can produce at such a tiny form factor. It's a little powerhouse that's easy to use and built for the long haul.

Jamstack's impeccable tone, lightning-fast setup time, and unlimited effects mean you'll be reaching for it every chance you get.



1. Symmetrical: Functional phone mount for right or left-handed comfort.

2. 10W Practice Amp: Louder than an acoustic guitar with enough range to perform outside.

3. 8 Hour Battery: 650g (1.4lbs) and 8-hour battery life for ease of use and long-lasting play.

4. Secure Fit: Designed to securely fit guitars between 3.4cm - 6cm (1.3" - 2.3") thick at the base with a flat surface.

5. Software: Some initial software setup is required.

6. Bass Guitars: Incredible sound for bass guitars with active pickups



1. Material: Soft polymer protects your guitar.

2. Power: 10W

3. Includes the phone mount, and all the cables you need to get rocking.

4. Compatibility: Attaches to the base of any standard electric guitar or bass guitar (width of 6cm or less).

5. Apps are compatible with iOS / Android.

6. Weight: 900g (1.9lbs)

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