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Empower yourself to do more of what you love with the next level in vibration therapy. Relieves pain & increases blood flow- the TheraGun is used to increase blood flow, decrease lactic acid and interrupt the pain cycle
TheraGun products have been successful in providing relief for pain caused by multiple sclerosis, plantar fasciitis, and even phantom pain.

Take life back into your hands.


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TheraGun is a unique handheld device applied to the surface of the skin to boost healing and recovery. “Research has shown that muscle treatment leads to faster recovery from injuries and better overall performance. The TheraGun was invented to accelerate the muscle recovery process through rapid and rhythmic relief to all parts of the body.”

Using vibration stimulation, TheraGun claims to provide all of the following benefits:
-Reduces pain
-Breaks up scar tissue
-Stimulates blood flow
-Enhances rehabilitation and reduces recovery time
-Decreases lactic acid buildup
-Increases lymphatic flow
-Restores normal function
-Releases muscle spasms

Package includes
-Attachments: 1 Standard Ball AmpBIT, 1 Large Ball AmpBIT, 1 Deep-Tissue Cone AmpBIT, 1 Dampener AmpBIT
-Lithium-ion battery charger
-Batteries: 2 rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs

-Extended length and weighted stability
-Four variations in placement angles allow treatment of different body parts
-Battery life LED indicator
Battery charge will last approximately 30 minutes depending on usage and pressure

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