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The Lycan Powerbox - Solar Power generator with Solar Panel Suitcase is a portable solar storage solution that puts abundant, natural energy right at the tips of your fingers.

The Lycan Powerbox

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Lycan is a versatile unit that can easily be adapted to a variety of applications. Take the Powerbox with you on camping trips, use it as an alternative power source to lighten your home’s electrical load, or keep it ready in case of an emergency power outage. Designed with convenience in mind, the Lycan can be charged via solar, a wall outlet, or a 12V auto socket. In turn, it can be used to charge a number of appliances and devices.

While it is impossible to prevent the unexpected, we can still do our best to prepare for these situations. Think of the Lycan as a backup portable generator in the event of a disaster, a sustainable energy source that you can tap into when grid power is down. Rugged and capable of handling up to 300 watts of solar, this powerhouse can keep you going for up to 1075 watt-hours, providing support to you and your loved ones during uncertain circumstances. And with uniquely engineered with interchangeable lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is capable of providing you with continuous power.Add up to three 100W Solar Suitcases to charge your Lycan Powerbox from zero to one hundred when on-the-go in as little as four and a half hours. Made with portability in mind, our rugged Solar Suitcases are manufactured with heavy duty handles and easily adjustable legs.


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The Lycan Powerbox
  • The custom lithium-iron-phosphate battery allows more cycles in the life of your battery- Up to 2000 cycles.
  • The interchangeable option allows you to keep a full extra battery on hand for quick, hassle free reloads.
  • Whether you're a contractor, outdoor survivalist, or family man this power source is a sustainable solution perfect for all.
  • Three ways to charge: Solar Power, Car Power (12 volt car charging socket), AC Power.
  • Primed with a heavy duty handle and sturdy wheels, the Lycan allows for portability without restrictions.

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What are specs for the inverter charger in the unit?

The Lycan does feature 1200-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter and is able to charge the internal 48-volt battery using an A/C or D/C source such as solar panels.

How quickly does it charge from zero to full each of port?

The Renogy Lycan takes 12 hours to charge fully via AC source, 16 hours via DC and 4 hours with 300 watts solar.

Can you charge the system with your car alternator while driving?

The Lycan charge controller cannot accept the output of an alternator.