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A smart cooking pan that automatically tracks calories and records your delicious recipes as you cook in real time. It also integrates with FitBit and transfers your nutrition information. No more manual food logs required.

Smarty Pans

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Cook What You Want, Track What You Eat! Smarty Pans integrates with FitBit and transfers your nutrition information. No more manual food logs required. Our pan has weight and temprature sensors. when you select a recipe from our app it gives step by step cooking instructions based on real time feed back from the sensors.

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Smarty Pans









1) Does it come with non-stick coating?
Absolutely, yes!  SmartyPans comes with ceramic non-stick coating which fares better than it's PTFE (Teflon) counterpart.

2) Does it work on induction cooktops?
Yes, it does.  The base of the pan is layered with ferrite powder which gives this aluminum pan a magnetic property, allowing it to operate on induction cooktops.

3) How sensitive are the sensors?
The weight sensors are accurate to 0.5 grams and can weigh a maximum weight of 6 kilo-grams. The temperature sensor can measure a maximum of 1250 °C. 

4) How do you protect electronics from high heat?
The weight sensor can withstand 600 °C (1112 °F), the temperature sensor can withstand 700 °C ( 1292 °F).  The battery and the chip are installed in a special fiberglass enclosure which is installed at the far end of the handle, which remains constant at room temperature.

5) How do I charge the battery?
SmartyPans comes with a rechargeable AA battery that would last ~751 hours with a single charge.  Remove the battery from the battery compartment, just like you would change your remote control batteries and charge it using a wall charger.  

6) Is SmartyPans dishwasher safe?
YES!  The entire pan is dishwasher safe.  However, the cooking surface is detachable, so, you can wash it separately and save some water if you don't need to wash the whole pan!

7) Can I put SmartyPans in the oven?
You can put the detachable top pan in the oven; not the whole pan.

8) Will the app be available for iOS and Android?
Yes, the app is on both iOS and Android app stores.

9) Can I use multiple pans with one app?
Yes.  Each pan has a unique id and our app identifies one pan from another.  

10) What Fitness and Nutrition apps are supported?
MyFitnessPal, FitBit and Google Fit.  


As you cook in the pan, simply tell the app what ingredient you are adding. The app records your recipe based on the weight, temperature and time you cook each ingredient. Share your awesome recipe with your friends right from the kitchen as you cook.



With built in weight and temperature sensors in the pan, SmartyPans provides step-by-step cooking instructions displayed right on the app screen. Simply connect the pan to the app and get cooking. Delicious weeknight dinners are ready in no time.



The app computes nutrition of the food as you cook in the pan. Sync your nutrition data with your fitness trackers just with a click of a button.