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Making things easy for you, the Smartfunl contains several features that make this device useful and easy to use.

Smartfunl™ Hookah Tobacco Dispenser

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The Smartfunl Hookah Tobacco dispenser serves three purposes: Hookah Tobacco storage, Mixing capabilities, and a dispensing mechanism. The Smartfunl can store and keep fresh up to 300 grams of your favorite hookah tobacco flavors. When your ready to enjoy your next Hookah smoking session, just crank the Smartfunl counterclockwise to consistently mix your Hookah tobacco. After mixing, dispense a fluffy, airy shisha mixture perfectly into your Hookah Bowl!

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The Smartfunl Hookah Tobacco Dispenser offers the following features:
  • Latch Lock Mechanism For Easy Closure
  • Built In Stand For Table Setting
  • Luxury Strap For Comfort Handling
  • Snap On Utensil For Bowl Prep
The Smartfunl Hookah Tobacco Dispenser offers the following benefits:
  • Perfect Bowls: Excellent consistency as you are able to prepare any bowl with airy perfection!
  • Fresh Storage: Rubber seals keep your tobacco sealed and fresh!
  • Clean Hands: Designed for cleanliness, the Smartfunl will keep your hands clean every time!
  • No Waste: Over 99.5% efficiency as no wasted juices or tobacco!


Store and keep fresh up to 
300 grams of your favorite
hookah tobacco flavors.

2) MIX

Ready to enjoy?  Just crank
counterclockwise to consistently
mix your hookah tobacco!


After mixing, dispense a fluffy,
airy shisha mixture perfectly
into your hookah bowl! 


Excellent consistency, Prepare bowls with airy perfection!