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Cut back your cigarettes one by one. Quitbit is a lighter that tracks all your smoking. It has a built in display and can wirelessly connect to the Quitbit app on your phone to provide feedback so you can make healthier decisionsr

Quitbit- The first smart lighter

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The first smart lighter and app to help you track, reduce and quit smoking. .

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Quitbit Smart Lighter

Meet Quitbit. It is the world’s first smart lighter with a built-in display that shows you of how many cigarettes you’ve smoked and how long it’s been since your last cigarette. Quitbit also syncs with a mobile app to view smoking history, set reduction plans, and optionally limit how often and when the lighter can be used. It is entirely battery operated can light approximately 100 cigarettes before needing a recharge over USB.




  • Size: 67 x 43 x 10 mm

  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer; lasts about one week of normal use (pack a day)

  • Weight: 72 g

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)

  • Compatibility: iOS 5 and later and Android 4.3 and later

Can I use it with e-cigs, nicotine gum or patches?

Absolutely. The Quitbit itself, much like a scale, is a tool to measure, manage and empower the user. You can use the Quitbit however helps you best.

Why will tracking my smoking habits help?

Trying to cut back your smoking without tracking is like trying to lose weight without a scale. Sure it’s possible, but measuring gradual progress is a great way to stay motivated. If you can measure it, you can manage it.

What do I do with the Quitbit when I quit smoking?

Simple, share it with a friend who could use it!

How does it light cigarettes?

Quitbit is a flameless fully rechargeable lighter using a powerful heating element, similar to a car lighter. No need for gas or butane.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is expected to last 1 week through about 100 lights before requiring a recharge. It takes approximately 2 hours to recharge.

Isn’t a lighter enabling people to smoke more?

The lighter is the easiest way to track your smoking, which makes it perfect as a tool to measure gradual process.

Will it count if I share the lighter or relight my cigarette?

We built some smarts into the lighter to prevent false recordings. We don’t record multiple smoking events within a few minute time window. All your data can also be changed in the mobile application.

What if I cheat?

The Quitbit is designed to empower users. We want to provide the best possible tools to help smokers measure gradual progress, it’s up to you to take advantage of those tools (we hope you do!).

Can you take it onto the plane?

Yes, it’s TSA approved.

I lose my lighter all the time, how can I not lose the Quitbit?

Quitbit has Bluetooth LE to connect to your smartphone. If the connection is lost, we can send a notification to your smartphone.

Does Quitbit work with Android?

Yes, Quitbit uses Bluetooth LE and is compatible with iPhone 4s/5/5s and Android 4.3 onward.

Do I need smartphone to use it?

The Quitbit works as a standalone device to provide real-time feedback through its display. However, the app is needed to unlock additional features like setting goals, and viewing trends.