LeeKooLuu LK12 Baby Car Camera HD 1080P Monitor Rear Facing Seat, View Infant Crystal Night Vision

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Safe and Practical:  Different from ordinary car mirror baby rear facing seat. Our in car baby monitor with camera puts the screen in the most convenient car center console. This prevents parents from looking back at their children frequently while driving. Ensure the safety indicators of parents when driving.

Clear Image: Car seat mirror features the 4.3-inch (Real 1080P) LCD display screen, and with the stable camera, you can see the real-time display of baby's every move.The display placed on the center console or windshield mount help the front row to observe the situation of the rear row and take care of the baby on the rear seats without turning your head.

Upgraded Night Vision Function:  HD car camera for baby with infrared night vision. makes the display clearer. Even when driving at night, you can clearly see the status of children in the rear seats.

Easy to Install: Baby mirror for car can be used quickly in 3 simple steps. (1) Fix the camera bracket on the headrest pole, up and down and adjust the camera to find the best viewing direction for the baby. (2) Connect the cable and place the high-definition screen in the most suitable position for you. (3) Insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter, press the power button, the monitor immediately starts to work.