TIANG Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush with Heated Massage and Light Design for Gentle Exfoliating, Massaging, Skin Clean

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✔️ Spherical 108 Hot Compress:  Sonic face cleansing brush with newest 42 degree constant temperature Heating Massage technology, helps your products penetrate deeper into the skin layers to enhance their effectiveness. Your eyes will feel very comfortable.

✔️ 3 Adjustable Cleansing Level:  Low speed is mild, designed for compromised or fragile skin, even very sensitive skin conditions. MID speed is gentle, developed for normal daily use, suitable for all skin types. The high powerful speed setting is for deep-cleansing, exfoliation, dead skin cells, oil, etc.

✔️ Ergonomic Handle Design: Compared with the round cleansing brush, this silicone face cleansing brush is easy to hold and it is more ergonomic design. Nipple level silicone, more hygienic than a rotating brush.

✔️ Full-Body Waterproof:  No need to worry that water will enter the motor system and cause the face brush to rust. Electric face cleansing brush is an ideal for those who prefer an in-shower service. But do not immerse the facial cleansing brush in water for a longer time.

✔️ Standing Base & USB Charging:  Rechargeable face cleansing brush equipped with a standing base for easier storage, you don't need to put it back into case when it is still wet. USB charging cable is portable for carrying and charging. You can take it with you when travel.