HDLWIS Facial Mask Machine, DIY Face Mask Machine Multi-Function Automatic Natural Fruit Vegetable Face Mask Maker with Human Voice Reminder & 32 Counts Collagen Pills

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❤️ DIY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Homemade fruit and vegetable mask machine. Choose to make various types of face masks with fruits, vegetables, tea and milk according to your skin's glow and condition needs to achieve the best skin care effect, which is very economical and convenient.

❤️ NATURAL HEALTH: Making the mask yourself will guarantee the quality of the mask for optimal skin care, tightening the skin and restoring its elasticity to bring you beauty. The mask is made by you, the mask is made from fruits and vegetables, the whole process is visible and safer to use.

❤️ INTEGRATED FACIAL MASK MACHINE: One-button operation, intelligent control, stirring, film making, precise control of cleaning time and temperature, it only takes about 3 minutes to create a mask with excellent results and not easy to break.

❤️ AUTOMATIC CLEANING: Simply pour in water and press the button to switch to automatic washing mode to eliminate residual substances in the machine. No need to disassemble, convenient and time-saving.

❤️ THE PERFECT GIFT: The lovely mask machine is an ideal gift for ladies and young ladies on Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Day, Anniversary, etc. The collagen pill inside can improve facial skin, rejuvenate, moisturize, tighten pores and whiten skin, suitable for all skin types.