STEALVACY Hidden Camera Detector, Bug Finder, Spy Device Finder

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Product Description:

✅【Privacy Protection】Effectively locate any spy device such as hidden camera, audio bug, and GPS tracker. Can give you the peace of mind during trips and hotel stay. Can also prevent industrial espionage and protect trade secret.

✅【Multifunctional 】Provide various detecting modes: Wi-Fi, full band and infrared. Can select the appropriate mode to locate camera/bug/tracker effectively. Sensitivity is also adjustable. Can pin-point the exact location easily if used properly

✅【Portability】This 30 gram pen style design is very compact and lightweight. Can be carried in purse or even in your pocket. No more bulky traditional bug finder.

✅【Rechargeable】Long lasting build-in rechargeable battery. Up to 25 hours of using time. USB Type-C cable included. No need to replace with disposable battery

✅【User Friendly】Very easy to use, do not require experience and knowledge in RF, signal and spy device. Simplicity is all you need.