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The camera is meticulously handcrafted out of walnut, maple and ash wood right in our workshop ensuring the best quality possible. With the blend of minimalisticand functional design paired with fine woodworking this camera will last for generations. Every camera is finished with two coats of natural oils with beeswax and buffed to achieve a perfect satin feel, which also protects the camera from the elements. 

Ondu Pinhole Camera

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HANDCRAFTED: Made entirely in our workshop ensuring the best quality possible! We pay attention to the nearest detail to bring you a wonderful satin finished feel. 

SUSTAINABLE: Built from locally sourced walnut, maple and ash wood, protected with a selection of natural oils with beeswax it's made to last for generations!

DURABLE: Built to last for generations, this camera will be your companion for years to come. 

SIMPLE DESIGN: Minimalistic design and simple operation make this camera a fun yet powerful tool for capturing images!

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  • ONDU is a Slovenian brand of handcrafted, wooden pinhole cameras. The idea was to make a durable masterpiece that will last forever. So they are not only beautiful but also easy to use.
  • The 6*6 camera was, for me, the perfect way to start. As it was my first time trying them, I didn’t want to use much film. I brought one roll each of color negative and black and white Kodak 120 film (100 ISO) with me. As with all cameras, using the ONDU has a learning curve but at the same time is really easy to use (to be honest.
  • It was so easy that expecting the worst only ruined some of my photos). I wanted to try this camera in the wild first, as pinhole cameras need to be still while shooting. I chose an empty and quiet place.
  • Dimensions:(W) 65mm x (H) 103mm (L) 200mm
  • Weight:450g
  • Focal length:40mm
  • Pinhole diameter:0,3mm
  • f stop equivalent:133
  • Camera is shipped with a user manual, exposure card, a protective carry bag as well as an empty 135 film spool so you can load your camera immediately. This empty cartridge also prevents accidental overall exposures of the film.

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