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No Key, No Problem
A smart lock to eliminate the hassle of keys and combinations forever.Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Noke Smart Padlock

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Nokē Padlock
Nokē is a padlock you unlock with your smartphone, eliminating the hassle and frustration of lost keys and forgotten combinations. 
Nokē works with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones that include Bluetooth 4.0.
Easily share access to your Nokē with others via the Nokē app. Track who, when and where Nokē was used.
Nokē Fob
Not everyone uses a smartphone or takes their phone with them everywhere they might want to use Nokē. For this reason, an optional Bluetooth key fob is available for purchase as an additional way to open Nokē without a smartphone or Quick Click code. The key fob allows you to unlock your Nokē exactly as you open your car doors.
One key fob can be used to unlock up to five Nokē locks and one Nokē can be unlocked with up to twenty key fobs. The same key fob can unlock a Nokē padlock and a Nokē U-Lock.

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