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The Mistbox control unit is a smart device that uses an array of sensors to detect the operation of your AC unit. Combining this operation with climatic conditions, Mistbox is abe to optimize mist and monitor the health of your system.


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We believe your AC bill shouldn't break the bank. Which is why we designed Mistbox, an energy-saving device that pre-cools your AC unit's intake air to save you 20-38% on your bills. And, you don't have to change a thing: keep your temp where you like it. Mistbox does all the work for you, and starts saving from day 1. It pays for itself, installs in minutes and requires little-to-no maintenance. It's a no-brainer. So, what are you waiting for? Put your AC bill in its place with Mistbox today.

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  • Immediate savings: Mistbox starts saving money from the very first day
  • Easy installation: Do it yourself in 5 minutes
  • Smart technology: Mistbox is smart. It learns from its environment – your unique climate & AC system
  • 30% green tax credit
  • Solar powered: no wires. No batteries. Let the sun power your Mistbox in an easy, sustainable way

Great concept but do any of the users notice any kind of mineral build up on the condensor coils?

My professional experience is that mineral deposits will ruin the condenser, the cost of replacement (thousands) will far exceed any benefits of this device. Condensers are not designed for continual water spray.

Exactly what does this do?

It pulls water mist through the hot condenser coil - it works like your sweat - as the mist rapidly evaporates from the coil it creates evaporative cooling which helps to pull more heat from the refrigerant in your system.

How do you keep from ruining/plugging the condenser with mineral deposits from the water? I have seen it many times when using water sprays like this.

You need to have a water descaler (filter) which comes with the unit. I also clean my condenser once a year with a commercial cleaner.

  • Mistbox is a universally compatible, connected device that attaches to your existing AC unit in minutes
  • . It uses evaporative cooling to pre-cool the intake air, which makes your AC more efficient.
  • The resulting efficiency boost means savings of 20-38% on your cooling bills.
  •  Savings are due to two factors, 1) decreased power consumption while the AC is running, and 2) increased capacity in hot conditions which brings really long cycles back down into normal time ranges