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The all terrain bone conducting headphones is perfect for working out, riding a bike, had microphone, wireless, lighweight, and portable that works with all smartphoes and bluetooth enabled devices.

LT Bone Conducting Earphones

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Bone Conduction Headphones FAQ Q. What are bone conduction headphones?

A. Bone conduction headphones work by creating vibrations that passes audio from the cheekbones to the ears. These types of headphones do not need to be placed on the ears – only contact with the cheekbones is required.

Q. Are bone conduction headphones as good as regular ones?

A. Bone conduction technology has come far in recent years, but it is not yet comparable to regular headphones.The lack of direct transmission means audio quality is lost by the time it gets to the ears.

Q. What are the best bone conduction headphones?

A. As you’ll see from this list there are not many big name brands that are developing bone conduction headphones. However, Aftershokz is leading the way with excellent additions to the marketplace that you should take a look at.

Q. Can bone conduction headphones be used with hearing aids?

A. Yes! Most hearing aids need to be worn on or around the ears. On the other hand, bone conduction headphones are located closer to the front of the face. Therefore, both devices can be worn at the same time.


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