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The world's smallest laser meter smart device that let's users measure using fast laser measuring using your iPhone's camera and record using an smart app.

Ipin Spatial Ruler

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Optimized to measure length of objects and room dimensions. Easy to use and enhances collaboration among users.  Share dimension enhanced pictures with friends and colleagues. Eliminates the need for tape measure and rulers. 

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Magic of the laser: new experience of distance and space

Simply by a laser spot, iPin Spatial Ruler makes your iPhone into a quick measuring tool. No complicated calibration for every measurement; get the distance or length wherever the laser dot locates in a single shot; measurement is never easier than ever.

Convenience of carrying? iPin is the solution.

Don't want to carry a tape measure in your pocket? You bet! iPin Spatial Ruler still utilizes patented "hybrid earphone plug" for keeping it inside iPhone's earphone jack without affecting phone functions. Measure whenever you need it with no burden at all.

 Save, share and recalculate;

Experiencing the new measurement in CLOUD ERA.

Save and share the measurement results with your family or colleagues. Simply using the iPin Ruler App, your friends can see not only your measurement results, but also measure the other place in the same image.

You can also take advantage of the "shot first, measure later" design to facilitate your work by saving your measurements in "Editable" format. Retrieve the images in iPin Ruler App, then get the measurement data back in your office. What an innovative way of measurement!


iPin for iphone

iPin Application

Model DR3161 – iPin Ruler

Model DR7161 – iPin Ruler VL

Magholder +iPin – Compatible with iPhone7 / 7+ only

Host Program needs:
Sun Java Runtime Environment (Sun JRE) Version 6 Update 21 32/64 bits or later version.

Can I use it with my Android phone?  

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro can be used with Apple iPhones and Android Phones.  

What is the minimum system requirement of this?  

Apple iOS 10 and later version. Android OS 7.0 Nougat and later version   

How distance accurate is this product can be?  

You can use it alone as a laser distance measurer. The Max. distance range is 40 meters and accuracy is ±3 mm.  

How accurate 3-axis measurement can be?  

The accuracy of 3-axis measurement is really depends on the photo quality. The better photo quality, the more accurate 3-axis measurement. We are still working on optimization to improve user experience now.

What version Bluetooth use? 

We uses Bluetooth LE 4.2 (LE stands for “low energy”).


  • iPin Spatial Ruler Pro was first developed to resolve the inconvenience of the traditional way of measurement.
  • In the time consuming process of the traditional forms of measurement, you will need a tape measure, ladder, camera, paper records, and move around in the space every time you need a measurement. 
  • With your smartphone camera and the iPin Spatial Ruler together, you are free to move from the points to the location of the traditional way of measurement. No need to climb up the ladders or kneel down to touch the ground repeatedly, saving you time and energy through outstanding measuring efficiency.