Handy Camel Curved Bristle Outdoor Broom

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A unique broom that was designed like a rake with curved bristles, to not only better contain what your sweeping, but to also work on pretty much any surface you'd like to clean or gather debris.

Handy Camel Curved Bristle Outdoor Broom or Renegade Broom can extend handle to your desired height and tighten. If your handle won't tighten, collapse handle, twist top part to the right just until it starts to tighten, then extend handle and twist the top to the right to tighten it fully. You can then screw the handle into the broom head and begin use.Perfect for use on uneven surfaces like stone, brick, wood, or even the back of your truck, the uniquely shaped bristles on the broom allows you to get more surface contact by adhering to whatever shape the surface is that your sweeping.

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