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WaterBlade is an innovative motorized stand up board that allows you to exercise while spending time with family and friends having a great time. It is safe, easy to use and fun. With WaterBlade you and your family will be able to keep physically fit, while observing the scenic view and enjoying the sound and smell of nature….

String Waterblade

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Unique means of water transport. Inflatable, pliable board for light easy water forward. Manual air pump allows you to bring your board folded and packed to be inflated at the side of the water. Rechargeable, replaceable battery enclosed in a water resistant box. -Battery disconnect “kill switch” tied to the ankle leash for safety, to shut off motor in case of fall from board. Utilize environmental friendly electric motor in compliance with most lake regulations. Integrated balancing design makes it easier to manure. Ride meant to be free hand to allow maximum freedom.

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  • Inflatable Motorized Water board, STINGRAY WATERBATING.COM
  • Board Specifications: Weight Buoyancy Capacity: 200 LBS (Besides motor and battery) Dimensions: 67 inch wide x 58 inch long.
  • Motor Specifications: 12Volt 62Thrust. 58Amps 696Watts. 5 Speed forward, 3 speed reverse. Adjustable Head controller, tilt vertically.
  • Water Resistant Box - BATTERY SOLD SEPARATELLY
  • Water Proof Cell Phone /wallet bag, 3 Pieces Paddle, Propeller safety cage, Kill Switch, Ankle Leash, Air Pump, Rain Cover for speed controller, Repair Kit, Mini Speaker Bluetooth (gift)
  • Board Specifications:
  • Weight Buoyancy Capacity: 200 LBS (Besides motor and battery)
  • Dimensions:67 inch wide x 58 inch long.
  • Material: Drop-Stitch and PVC. Thickness: Bottom layer is 6 inch thick, mid layer is 4 inch thick, top layer is 6 inch thick.
  • Motor Specifications:
  • 12Volt 62Thrust. 58Amps 696Watts.
  • 5 Speed forward, 3 speed reverse.
  • Adjustable Head controller, tilt vertically.
  • Battery Specifications:
  • 12vLithium Battery LifPo4 50Ah

Will a stainless steel propeller make my boat faster?

Generally, yes, a steel propeller will be faster. If the designs are the same, the steel propeller can be made with thinner blades that run faster and with greater strength. Also, most stainless steel propellers take advantage of performance enhancing designs to gain even more advantages over aluminum. 

How does trim angle affect steering torque?

Trim angle does effect steering torque but with power steering there should be little, if any, noticeable difference in steering load.

Why do most boats drive from the right side?

In single-engine installations nearly all recreational boat manufacturers place their operator's position on the right-hand side and use right-hand rotation propellers to compensate for the boat roll resulting from propeller torque.

  • Identify knob to tilt up and down speed controller
  • Check how to extend "In" and "Out" speed controller
  • Identify bolt to allow rotation of clamp
  • Identify Pins to Fasten Motor to Board
  • Prepare safety cage to be installed
  • Remove bolts
  • Position the motor upside down to allow installation of safety cage
  • Install Safety cage by installing 2 bolts to hold it on motor.