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sensory percussion ManySolutions, Many Solutions
sensory percussion ManySolutions, Many Solutions
sensory percussion ManySolutions, Many Solutions
sensory percussion ManySolutions, Many Solutions
sensory percussion ManySolutions, Many Solutions
sensory percussion ManySolutions, Many Solutions

Sensory Percussion

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Quick Overview

Sensory Percussion is a modern take on electronic drums that captures the true expressive nature of drumming. While triggers turn your drum into little more than an on/off button, Sensory Percussion listens and reacts, responding to the essence of your performance.

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Sensory Percussion is a hardware + software system that is an overlay onto acoustic drums. The sensor clamps to the side of a drum (snare, tom or kick) and connects to our Mac/PC software via a standard audio interface as a phantom-powered microphone.
Sensory Percussion understands where and how you hit the drum. It not only lets you map different parts of the drum to any sound desired (from samples and synthesizers to digital audio effects), it also lets you control those sounds in an intuitive, expressive way.
The result is a new instrument that let’s you create with electronics in a way never before possible: with the natural expressivity of acoustic drums united with the power of modern audio software.


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  • W 1.78 in x H 3.71in x D 4.47 in
  • (45.36 mm x 94.48mm x 113.57mm)
  • Requirements
  • Mac OSX 10.8+ or Windows 7+
  • 4GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 2GB of harddrive space for software & included samples
  • Broadband internet connection for installation
  • Audio Interface with phantom-powered pre amp (one per sensor)
  • XLR cables (one per sensor)
  • In the box
  • Sensory Percussion Sensor
  • Magnet & sensor positioner
  • Magnet pack (10 per sensor)
  • Software download voucher

Built-in Sampler

  • Stack multiple samplers on a single pad
  • Use preset samples or user samples (wav, aiff, flac, ogg)
  • Layer unlimited samples within a sampler with advanced playback modes (cycle, random, stack, or with a controller)
  • Advanced sample editor with trim, pan, pitch shifting and envelope controls
  • Built-in low/high-pass resonant filter
  • Sampler Velocity Input/Output curve editor
  • Global choke groups that work across pads and drum channels
  • Built-in Controllable Effects
  • Multi-band EQ
  • Tube Amp simulation
  • Clipper
  • Delay
  • Filter
  • Modulation effects
  • Reverb
  • Compression


  • Controllers let you control knobs (effects parameters!) and buttons with your playing
  • Timbre - control a parameter based on how and where you hit the drum
  • Velocity - control a parameter by how hard you hit
  • Speed - control a parameter by how fast you play
  • LFOs - automatically control any parameter with multiple LFO types
  • Full MIDI routing
  • Sensory Percussion includes built-in advanced MIDI routing
  • Send MIDI over a bus to any other third-party software (DAW, Sampler, etc)
  • Send as many MIDI notes per pad as you want
  • Convert controllers to assignable CC knobs
  • Sensory Percussion is also controllable with MIDI-in

Which audio interfaces does Sensory Percussion support?

Sensory Percussion needs a standard audio interface to convert the analog audio signal coming from the SP Sensor into a digital signal our software can process. Also, the interface needs to provide 48V phantom power to the SP Sensor. This kind of phantom is a standard feature of audio interfaces with microphone preamps.

We’ve had great success with several USB, Firewire and Thunderbolt interfaces. We’ve used everything from $40 single channel interfaces for very simple single drum setups, to full rack-mount interfaces.

If you have any questions about your specific interface, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll do what we can to help. The most important thing to remember regarding interfaces is that it needs to have as many 48v phantom powered XLR input channels as sensors you want to use.

Will Sensory Percussion sensors work with my drum brain?

No. Our sensors are not triggers and will not be compatible with other trigger devices. They are designed specifically to pair with our software, and vice-versa. So, in order to use Sensory Percussion with all its unique capabilities, the sensors and software must be used together.

How does Sensory Percussion interact with other audio software like DAWs?

Our software runs as a standalone application on MacOS or Windows and has a fully built out sampler with great sounding effects as well as sophisticated MIDI output capabilities.

MIDI out is a core feature of Sensory Percussion. You can send MIDI output over a bus and receive it in any other program (like a DAW) that understands MIDI.