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Easy on Sock Helper has been designed to bring efficient support to anyone with mobility problems. Even without the use of both hands, this product will bring back the simplicity of wearing your socks. One simple step and they are on, one swift movement and they are off.

Easy On Sock Helper Tool

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The Easy On Sock Helper is designed to assist individuals who have difficulty bending to put on their socks. The Easy On Sock Helper consists of a U-shaped half cylinder mounted at an angle on a flat base.

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Sock Aid
  • Moulded design makes it easier to put on socks
  • 48" straps have handles for ease of application
  • Includes garter clips for use w/standard and compression stockings
  • The doffer is used to push your sock off and with the use of your feet, you can tilt it to put your sock within REACH.
  • It can be used to remove light compression garments, as well.
  • One Wide Sock Aid
  • Designed for larger feet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ideal for those with limited flexibility
  • Makes putting on socks so much easier
  • Length: 255mm (10")
  • Width: 127mm (5")

Can it be used for women ankle socks?

Yes, just about any sock. It doesn't take much strength to pull your sock over the sock aid because it bends easily.

Has your product stood up to many uses?

You just 'carefully' pull the sock over it and then slide your foot into it and draw the straps toward you. As long as one is not rough it should last a very long time.

Will it work with short ankle length sock?

Absolutely, works great

  • Hold Sock Aid between thighs, ensuring that the end with the keyhole shaped slot is pointing upwards.
  • Lay sock in the hollow of the Sock Aid. The heel of the sock should rest upon the slot, with the toe of the sock pointing downwards.
  • Pull sock apart and roll it down over the tube. Once it is pulled down as far as possible, the sock will be turned inside out and opened up.
  • Place hand in sock and make sure the heel is in the correct position for entry.
  • Lower the Sock Aid to the floor. Position your toes with the foot straight over the open sock and push into the sock. Step gently and foot should slide into the sock as far it can go.