Cap with Detachable Dustproof Cover fro Kids

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Kids Protective Hat with Removable TPU Mask, Safety Face Shield for Toddlers Boys Girls (3-6 Years Old Kids)

This cute kids’ sun hat is designed with a detachable TPU mask front. It is anti-spitting protective,dustproof. And the transparent TPU shield is waterproof and reusable. The hat pat and shield part are all washable and cleanable, but please wash them with hands instead of washing machine.

The hat part is made of breathable, durable and comfortable fabric with high quality. The removable face mask part is made of safe, healthy, eco-friendly TPU material which is clear, transparent, waterproof and very easy to clean.

There are four sizes for kids in different ages.

  • Head circumference 50cm (19.68inch) fits kids between 0-3 years old.
  • Head circumference 52cm (20.47inch) fits kids between 3-6 years old.
  • Head circumference 54cm (21.25inch) fits kids between 6-9 years old.

The hat can be wear in two styles due to the removable face mask. When take off the TPU face shield, it becomes a cute sun visor for kids. When the TPU mask is on the hat, it helps prevent some dust, rain, wind, droplets from kid’s face.

There is also a removable bow belt on the hat part. So it is suitable for girls and boys well. When boys wear the hat, you can take off the bow belt. The hat is available for daily wearing, travel, outdoor activities, beach, school. And it fits in spring, summer, fall well.

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