Top 10 products for an efficient and easier Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning season is up this time of the year again. Hear out Many Solutions featured innovative solutions to make your spring cleaning easier and less time-consuming. Have a cozy habitat by organizing your stuff and making a squeaky-clean home.

1. Tyroler Glider

Cleaning Solution for: Mirrors, Glass dividers and Windows

When was the last time you’ve had your outside window cleaned? Probably not really frequent as it might not be easy and it’s up on your Spring cleaning checklist. The process might require some tall ladder to set up and height to conquer – which is totally a hassle and risky. With traditional methods, window cleaning, especially on houses with second floors, can be tedious for many depending on what type of home and window you have. Tyroler 3D Glider Brush was developed by can just be the right innovative tool that can make your window indoor and outdoor cleaning faster and easier. By having a strong magnetic glide away cleaning your indoor and outdoor window simultaneously. Beautiful Spring is here make sure you enjoy a clear window spring view.

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2. Hurricane’s Spin Scrubber

Cleaning Solution for: Toilet, bath tubs, lavatory, tiles and flooring.

Scrubbing can take a lot of effort and time! Here comes all sorts of strong chemicals, a ton of force to scrub tough stains that accumulated for a period of time. Hurricane’s Spin Scrubber is simply a good quality brush with an electric rotating handle. Spin away caked-on crude with a 300 RPMs of cleaning torque. Get three brush heads specialized to get tough corners, around fixtures and conquer large areas for a thorough power clean.

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3. BeForever Furless Home

Cleaning Solution for: Beddings, Sofas, Carpets, Pet supplies, and Car Seats.

Got furball babies? For sure, part of their cuddly presence is the evidence shed fur all around the house. Lily’s BeForever Furless brush is one fun tool that makes it easy to sweep them off beddings, sofas, curtains, and carpets. Lose the fury and clean furs with east with this innovatively designed brush effective for long, soft, clingy pet hair- not really for short, straight or wiry hair. Safe for all fabrics, it’s recommended to sweep in little circles or side to side motion over just anywhere you spot fur and lint. Be amazed and make sure you always have this tool on hand for any fur cleaning action. Hair lifts off bristles after use for easy cleanup. Brush lasts like new for years! Occasionally deep clean bristles with vacuum and rinse. No mess, no waste, no refills!

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4. Hurricane’s Spin Broom

Cleaning Solution for: Tile and flat-smooth floorings

Meet the broom that doesn’t need a dustpan! Yes, there’s a tool in the block that interestingly goes in between a traditional broom and a vacuum cleaner. No more bending to collect the litter and no more noisy vacuum motor sound. Conveniently collect dirt, dust and small pieces of trash in the broom’s compartment and easily open to dispose of them to the garbage bin. With its triple brush technology, Spin broom sweeps 95% away solid trash and micro-litter along its path. The best part is it’s electricity-free!

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5. Cleaning Putty

Cleaning Solution for: Keyboards, music instruments, electronics & figurines.

A putty is rarely seen as something clean. But this putty was invented as a quirky tool to help you clean those narrow in between corners of awkward surfaces such as buttons. Clean your home remote control buttons, PC keyboards, mouse, or even keys of your piano. Cleaning Putty acquires all these hard to remove dust and fine particles from our stuff easily for a clean and less microbial stuff. Keyboards are essential things we use pretty much every day but will be hail.

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6. Jisiwei Vacuum Robot

Cleaning Solution for: Carpet, Tile and Flat floorings

Cleaning is not just for Spring and dirt accumulates every second and every minute. So who wouldn’t want a constant cleaning companion that can assure you a clean floor every day? Jisiwei Vacuum Robot is one advance smart vacuum cleaner that has a variety of models and with varying features ranging from basic sensors to save itself from trouble or falling out of line to a built-in camera recorder.

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7. Dust Daddy Vacuum

Cleaning Solution for: Keyboards, Drawers, Box kits, ornament organizers and small compartments

Here’s for those nitty-gritty edges and corners that are cringe-worthy when dirty! Dust Daddy was designed to collect dirt from narrow and compact areas as well place filled with puny materials that are easily sucked by a normal vacuum head. Refrain sucking that precious jewelry in the house while vacuuming using Dust Daddy, it just gets the mini particles from your case and drawers.

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8. PhoneSoap XL

Cleaning Solutions for: Smart Devices, Tablet, Smartphones, Mini PCs, PC Accessories

What’s a home without smart devices nowadays? Why not include electronics and smart devices during the Spring cleanse? Phone Soap XL is the perfect sanitizing tool and charging tool in one.

The same disinfecting power as the original PhoneSoap, but roomy enough for tablets and larger devices. Ideal for schools and offices or busy home environments.

The four UV-C lamps inside the PhoneSoap XL produces a very specific wavelength of light which encompasses your device and passes through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses to impair their DNA. Once their DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer harm. The best part is that PhoneSoap XL is big enough to sanitize anything from pacifiers to remote controls. You may slip in your mouse, keys, remote control inside as well. UV Light away bacterias!

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