5 Smart Gifts for Him this Valentines

#1 Asobu Cold Brewer

Give him cold coffee, not cold shoulders.

Cold brew coffee is often more expensive than conventional hot brewed coffee because it simply takes more time to prepare. Cold Brew coffee is known to be tastier and less acidic making it a better and healthier option. 

Asobu simplified the process by creating a cold brewer that is easy to use and to take out. Beautifully designed, this is great for the modern caffeinated man.

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#2 Collar Perfect

Give him the perfect look

Even if all are pressed and ready, having clothes packed in a luggage can cause some crease. Collar Perfect can make that business attire perfectly pressed.

Make sure he’s all tied up and ready for a good impression during business travels with a collar perfect attire.

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#3 Yolk Solar Paper

Give him no excuse to a switched off phone

He would not have a reason to run out of charge when you have this Solar power bank. Yolk Solar Paper is a sleek and portable solar panel charger that can boost and power up your mobile devices.

Smartly designed to be expandable by having additional panels that can be attached by magnetic ends, this charger is greatly useful for remote outdoors power needs. It’s green, aesthetic and very practically helpful in today’s technology plugged in society.

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#4 Smart Nora

Give him a good night sleep

Does he snore? This gift is not only for him but for her too. Gift him a solution to his loud snores.

Smart Nora is an innovative solution to loud snoring. Nora is a smart system that will be sensitive to the sound of his snore and starts to raise his head to refrain the snore to increase louder.

If your partner and you have tried to curb snoring and tried various possible solutions, Smart Nora is worth the try.

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#5 Cisno Portable Espresso Machine

Give him an energy booster

Is he a coffee lover and need his daily dose of caffeine everyday? Cisno makes it possible to get an espresso on hand wherever he may travel.

Cisno makes espresso coffee in one push of a button, just add water and a Nespresso coffee capsule. In a push of a button, Cisno boils water and dispense a hot espresso coffee.

Its elegant look and Cisno’s smart feature makes it a great gift for the coffee lover in him.

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