5 Smart Valentine’s Gift For Her this 2019

#1 Spring Water Bottle by Bellabeat

Give a smart and stylish reminder to sip throughout the day!

Bellabeat’s Spring Water Bottle is a stylish and smart gift for her to foster hydration and wellness. Designed to track water consumption and how much she needs to drink based on lifestyle profile which is tracked in one pocket rocket mobile application. Not all body and no lifestyle are the same, thus let her drink the glasses her body needs.

Hydration is a key aspect of women’s overall health and beauty. Bellabeat’s Spring Smart water bottle will simply convey your sincerest concern and care for her health!

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Bellabeat’s Spring Water Bottle – Violet Ice

#2 Eclipse Charger by Native Union

Give her an eclipse view of your heart

A sophisticated and minimalistic smart devices dock will be much appreciated in the era of smartphones and tablets. Eclipse is simply an aesthetic whichever desk, wall or room the Eclipse is placed.

The eclipse is a cable management dock with three USB ports that can store three types of cables. It’s a neat solution that refrains her form having a messy cables desk and workstation.

Functional and stylish is gift item that will never disappoint.

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Native Union’s Eclipse

#4 Dr. Save Vacuum Kit by Modcon

Make sure she saves space for you in the luggage

Women tend to pack more than necessary and are often girl scouts than men. Dr. Save makes sure she saves room in your couple luggage for you! A great tool to deflate soft and bulky winter clothes at the same time it’s portable and very easy to use. Dr. Save is a click of a button away to shred 70% of air of vacuum packs.

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Modcon’s Dr. Save

#4 Blendjet Blender Bottle

Give her no excuse not to take healthy smoothies

Is she a busy career woman who can’t allot much time in the kitchen?

Blendjet will encourage her to easy prepare a healthy smoothie in the workplace or wherever without the hassle of using and cleaning a bulky blender.

Blendjet is created to make blending convenient. Lightweight, portable, easy to clean and can be charged like any mobile device using a micro USB. It’s the ultimate personal blender.

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#5 Livia Period Pain Solution

Ease her camps ease her mood – you will thank this later.

The average woman will spend nearly ten years of her life menstruating. Monthly, she may be experiencing pain that men are not familiar about. Livia provides instant relief from the moment it’s turned on, taking action immediately compared to 30- minutes prescription medicines.

Livia is a gift of sensitivity and shows concern, let her know you understand when she’s off mood and different during this time of the mood. Ease her mood before it gets spoiled due to internal pain – Trust us, you will thank this product later.

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