In the recent past, innovative solutions and ideas were limitedly revealed to the industry’s clubs or were pitched to technology powerhouses – all in high hopes to be supported and be mass-produced. But in the present age of information, people are greatly fond of technology and innovations– no drawing board idea is garbage. With crowd funding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, inventors nowadays are able to share their idea; story and great number of projects were funded.

However in reality, many projects may not get great opportunities to be funded and get mass-produced.



Innovative projects are always groundbreaking but not every great idea get a breakthrough.

Many Solutions exists to support the innovative market – both the inventors and smart buyers. ManySolutions marketplace was created as an actual solution to inventors by providing a portal to sell their products and reach potential buyers within a targeted niche. It also goes for consumers who seek smart solutions.

As ever passionate and enthusiastic to deliver everyday solutions to the innovation embracing society, ManySolutions will embrace and market all innovative products ranging from the complicated geeky technologies to simple kitchen gadgets.